The HRSFANS Crafts Blog is a group blog in which practitioners of various crafts (painting, textiles, cooking, etc.) share their work on various crafts projects with a circle of like-minded creative crafters (and interested spectators). This is a place where people can show off their latest creations, explain new techniques they’ve devised, relate amusing and frustrating anecdotes,  and pose questions. It is a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise, as well as a community of people who are interested in sharing creative struggles and triumphs over a distance.

We are syndicated with livejournal: if you’d like to keep tabs on us via lj, we’re syndicated as hrsfanscrafts

Some Protocols:

The HRSFANS Crafts Blog is a SIG of HRSFANS; as such, any member or associate of HRSFANS is welcome to set up a user account and post here. If you’d like to join the blog, shoot me an email. Obviously, we welcome any and all spectators.

Blog posts should be labeled as follows: the medium (embroidery, glassblowing, cosplay, etc.) being discussed in the entry should be represented as a category; any entry including a photograph of a craftwork should include the category “Photograph”. If you’re writing about an ongoing project, you can represent that project with a tab. When making new categories, please try to continue in the spirit the hierarchy of labels already established. Adherence to these protocols should make it easy to search the site for items of interest.

Thanks for checking us out! We hope to see you again.

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