Maple candy!

Having read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a child, it appears that I share with several friends a long-harbored ambition to make maple candy on snow!

Well, we have a snowstorm: 6 to 8 inches so far (15-20 cm), and we may get as much as a foot (30cm). Hopefully I won’t lose power; I’ve taken some pictures.

I can't take a good picture of the snow in my yard without daylight, but here's a bush right outside the door.

Advised by the top three Google hits for “how to make maple candy with snow”, we boiled half a cup of maple syrup with a tiny bit of butter up to 230 F, gathered several bowls of clean snow (but for acid rain), and ladled patterns into them, let them cool, and ate chewy candy.

That's my sister Diana in the background! I gathered, she poured.

The longer you heat the maple syrup, the harder they get; but leaving them in the snow longer made some of them a bit harder anyway.

Keeping them is tricky: I’m sticking some in the freezer on the bowls of snow, because I’m afraid melted snow may dissolve them. Oh, also, do NOT use a paper towel except for preliminary drying. Wax paper. I told Diana to deal with the last few, and she got them stuck to the towel! Later: the frozen ones are great.