I realized at Vericon that although my collection of roving is shiny, it could stand to have a little more purple in it. Everyone’s favorite color is purple. (That’s not 100% true; my favorite color is green). Or at least, lots of people like purple roving.

So I know next year I will have lots of purple at Vericon.

In the meantime, I dyed some purple roving last week (as well as roving of other colors). This was the first time I had been able to dye in several weeks. It was quite fun, even though I should have been working on the paper that was due the following Monday (I ended up getting an extension on it…).

So here are some of the rovings I dyed:

I like how the batch turned out. And I’ve finally got it down so that the roving doesn’t felt at all. (The roving that I’ve made that was slightly felted was still spinable, but I had to use a lot of pre-drafting.) My technique for dyeing has been steadily improving. The key is for the water to be just below boiling, and to make sure you are only boiling it for 45 minutes and no longer. And you have to check the water every so often so you can turn the heat up or down as necessary. Not such a hard thing to do, but it means you can’t go off for an hour while your dye sets.

Theoretically I could write a tutorial for dyeing wool, but they already exist on the internet. I like this one:
Hand Painting Roving

These rovings are destined for the Etsy shop, save for one of the 3 purples, which is destined to be spun by me first. Though maybe I’ll keep one. I haven’t done much dyeing for myself.