As a dragon, it’s hard to be awe-inspiring when you’re only an inch long. For instance, unless your folder was really, really careful, you probably won’t have any legs. Or eyes, for that matter. But on the whole, I think I did pretty well with this one. Of course, it doesn’t have any legs or eyes, really, but it’s almost too small to be able to tell that they’re not there. It’s made from a 1.75″ square piece of gum wrapper, and, except for the head, it’s probably about as precisely folded as my first attempts at this model (on 9″ square paper). I admit, I used a pin to help with some of the smaller folds (especially having just cut my fingernails, my fingers just don’t get that precise), and the foil backing helps tremendously.


I ate another piece of gum today, so maybe I’ll try again. Maybe this time I’ll be manage eyes and legs, and perhaps I’ll even try for a more symmetric tail.

2 Responses

  1. Any chance of seeing this dragon next to one of your usual ones? Somehow, looking at the picture you posted, I remain in denial about how tiny that dragon must be (probably because it’s so well executed). The palm of your hand helps, but not quite enough to shake my inability to imagine it being that small.

  2. Also, I really like the first sentence of this post.

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