Mini 2

Well, I managed the more symmetric tail. And maybe the legs? But the head, despite the more careful folding at the beginning, got almost completely lost when I had to reverse-fold it at the end and couldn’t find the middle. Oh, well. Too bad I don’t really like gum. Anyway, Elisabeth asked for a better gauge of how big the dragon is, so here’s the second attempt guarding its treasure and the pair trying to fend off a larger relative (one of my favorites, made from 9″ square paper).

3 Responses

  1. Awww!!

    Useless comment, I know. Would it help if I added the part about you being insane?

  2. Eeee! So tiny!

    An impulse towards breaking into baby talk when addressing a dragon–of any size– is probably unhealthy. I’m probably crunch and good with ketchup.

    But tempting, nonetheless.

  3. Wow.

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