More HRSFA Yarn

This yarn isn’t actually HRSFA-related, other than its recipient is a HRSFAn. I have a big box of wool (I’ll post pictures of my stash at some point, I’m very proud of it) and I wanted to spin something. I’ll eventually be spinning ridiculous amounts of alpaca from my friend’s alpaca farm, and since they’re selling the yarn, I want it to be professional quality. While I was waiting for the wool to be carded I decided to practice on my stash. After all, I have infinite wool, so there’s no reason not to spin.

But for some reason I couldn’t make myself start something. So I IMed Silkspinner, who does, in fact, spin, and asked her if she could use more yarn. She said sure, and she was working with thinner stuff at the moment, like around sport weight. So I took out a pretty thing of blue and purple merino roving. I filled two bobbins and plied it together, and this was the result:

Yarn on the jumbo bobbin

Yarn on the jumbo bobbin

Close up of skein

Close up of skein

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Though I did run into a problem where there was significantly more yarn on the first bobbin than on the second. I fixed it by winding some onto the other and doing some yarn gymnastics around it, but I learned my lesson: always separate the roving before you spin it up.

There might be a sequel to this post, if Silkspinner makes something shiny out of it and wants to share it with us.

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